Focus on the GAIN

Change can be challenging but it can also be extremely freeing and healing. At the end of every cycle is a new beginning, a new day, a new breath, a new chance to create and manifest what ever your heart desires. 

Breaking free from old heavy chains can be the most liberating lightness there is. Plucking the weeds that contributed to your thirst...clearing the soil and planting new seeds of all the wild colors you want. 

Reminiscing on how things used to be isn't the key. Focusing on the gain of any situation is the key to healing and abundance. Letting feelings be felt whether it's laughter or tears and purging when you need to purge helps cleanse the body and mind of past strains and scars.  

Journaling is an excellent way to release and manifest. Writing detailed visions of what you want in your life is a powerful way to attract abundance into your life. Writing things down backs up your dream with conviction and plants the seeds out into the universe...then you water those seeds with self care, determination and hard work...or as you may call it, blood sweat and tears... you say you can't sit still? You can't shut off your monkey mind? That's ok...practice. Practicing meditation is similar to lifting weights and building muscle...each time your try you build endurance, patience and more strength to aid in longevity of a calm mind. Just breathing and slowing the breathe in steps is great way to start. 


Happy change & gains, my beautiful soulful friends and Yogis. Feeling light and FREE. Love you all❤️



Robert Sturman 2017 Venice Beach, California  ❤️

Robert Sturman

Faith it til you make is how I release, pray, surrender, bend so I don't break, empty so I don't overflow, forgive, forget, hold on, let go, love, appreciate, pray, mediate, ask for guidance, listen for answers and move forward. Each breath, each posture brings me closer to my highest self. I love yoga unconditionally and it loves me too. I dedicate my life to my children, to sharing the gift of yoga with others and spreading my big love for the practice. Namaste.


Venice Beach August 2017 Robert Sturman