If you're shaking...you're changing

I was in a yoga class yesterday in a very difficult series of long holds of boat pose. I love this pose but it's gets very challenging towards the end of a class when your fatigued and maybe even ready sore. My Abdominals were sore and weak but as the first five breathes I gave "to someone that drives me crazy", the second "to someone I'm madly in love with" and the third set of breathes "were for me". The instructor said like I've said many times, "if you're shaking that means you're body is changing"...and then it dawned on me how this rings true in our daily lives too...we can easily hide out in a pose and not give 100% and coast through a yoga class when we are tired. We can let our bellys go in half pigeon because no one really knows or sees, but when you're sweating profusely and your legs are burning like St.Almos from holding chair, not only is your body changing but your mind is too.

Mustering through difficult poses for long periods of time cultivates spiritual strength for challenging holds and setbacks in our lives.

I layed in bed and thought, "WOW, the pain and mental trembling of serious trauma in life is CHANGING me too, not just my body but my mind, my heart, my everything." I'm not being tested, I'm being strengthened and prepped for sheer greatness...and when you undergo change and maybe even hardship, you're changing too. 

Embrace being led. Hold that pose even when your shaking. Breathe and quiet your mind as you gracefully flow from one pose to the next with dedication to you, those who drive you crazy, and the ones you are madly in love with. Namaste.


Whats your mantra for 2015? Mine is I am love and I am open!


Fried Green tomatoes

(kimi style)

1 green tomato

olive oil

turmeric 1 tsp

chilli powder 1/2 tsp

salt and pepper to taste

simmer on medium heat with olive oil and flip as they brown/char.