Skin, you're in!

Top 25 Skin Healthy Eats and Treats!

Chickpeas-low glycemic load

mackerel-B12 evens skin tone

Carrots-carotenoids provide skin with more yellow tones providing the skin with radiance 

Sunflower Seeds-Vitamin E fights inflammation/blemishes

Red Wine(in moderation) -antioxidant property in resveratrol 

Pumpkin-keeps skin soft and wrinkle free

Eggs-reduce odds of wrinkles

Kiwi-stimulates collagen reducing wrinkles

Coffee(in moderation) -lower risk of non melanoma cancer

Yellow bell Peppers-fight aging free radicals

Oysters-best source if zinc

Soy-improves skin elasticity 

Water-hydration is key

Almond Milk-because it's not dairy and dairy inflammates

Rosemary-antioxidants and may help lower risk of skin cancers

Grass Fed Beef-protein helps skin stay taut

Orange Peel-UV protective Benny's

Walnuts-omega 3

Kale-neutralizes free radicals

Sardines-increase blood flow and O2 to skin

Oatmeal-chose this over a bagel for breaky...keeping androgen levels low

Dark Chocolate-flavanol/antioxidants

Tomatoes-improves skins natural SPF

Olive oil-monounsaturated fatty acids/youth quenching BOOST


*So I follow Refinery 29...I'm obsessed. Love it. I read a few weeks back every gal in their 30's should be professionally matched for makeup and I giggled to myself coyly and thought, "who has time for that, between kids, housekeep, career, exercise, and juicing...". After seeing my kids off I raced to yoga to find it was cancelled so I scooted over to Westfield to trade up some Xmas schwag. The Refinery 29 article popped into my brain as I swaggered past Sephora so moonwalked backwards into the product haven or shall I say, heaven. 

I met a beautiful vibrant kind soul with outrageous amazing pink hair and soft eyes. Alyssa, my new makeup artista introduced me to her high tech skin scanner and matched me for FREE with in seconds. The application told us the exact shade down to the different hues and paired me up with the 5 closest brands with my best shade for my face...pretty cool and super efficient.


It can be tricky entering into winter with fading tans and lack of vitamin D...we wash out so easily so all the more reason to find your perfect shade to maximize and elevate your complexion and natural glow. 

I know it is easier but it's worth the 30 minutes I promise! 

Go see darling Alyssa and get your beauty on. 


Thanks Alyssa! You rock!