Take me to brunch...

There's something so magical and prolific about spending time with and oldie but goodie...no one can read you like they can, no one can commence your silence with logic like they can and no one can awaken you from darkness like a true blue bestie that loves your bones and annoys you with banter til you can't deny much needed love and unconditional support.

A beautiful Indian lady at Joe Malone read me like an open bizook and made me cry like an infant today...then I willingly rushed into my besties arms and sobbed out weeks of frustration and pent up emotion.

She held me, smiled...laughed...cried...then ate...yes food always helps!  I did Yoga twice but FOOD was sweet respite...something to say about comfort food and appreciation for appetite. One thing I'm not good at is neglecting my nutrition, even if my equilibrium is off, I juice and supplement with protein and nutrient packed shakes.

Dinner is ways my feast.

I love to cook big fruitful gorgeous meals. I love to serve others and I love to dine with people I love. 

We sat for hours fluctuating between past lives, glorious failures, giant accomplishments (my babies), and everything else in between. We are experiencing two very opposite significant milestones in our lives, perhaps sychronistic...

As I fluttered my eyes open at 7:00 am today, I was able to drift back to sleep for the first time in months. At 9:00, I saw she was on her phone and apologized to her that I needed to blog, her exact words were, "Baaabe, it's okay...we don't need to speak right now". If you knew her, like "I", you would chuckle because this one liner is a classic example of the BOPPER brand.

She says what she thinks with conviction, doesn't add a cherry and is so confident that I find my Abdominals sore after time with her.

I just told her we are going to breaky and yoga and she whined while giggling, "Yoga is yourrrrr thing baaaabe...I don't want to put on stretchyyyyy pants...and stretchhhh, Kimiiiiiiii. Can't we enjoy our days in different ways, you can go stand on your head and I'll take a glorious nap??

" I proclaimed, Betsy, we just got up!?

She laughed and muttered, while texting, that her fiancée just accidentally drank holy water...at that point I knew I'd lost her.

Bopper-"I have too much energy for yoga", she just said.  

Moi-"I thought you were tired and nap on Saturdays!??" 

Bops-"I meannnnn...in generallll. I'm not payinggggg $12 to take a napppp on a rubber mat when I really just wanna take one in my bedddd"

brunch it is:) 

feeling grateful.

Love my friend.  

Bops-"you should look up both brunch menus and see what your vibingggg...." 

I'm accepting I'll be doing yoga alone;)