Hello 2015, I am happy to see you...

Hello 2015,

I am happy to see you...seems I have been prepping to let go of 2014 for some time!  My goals are huge and my dreams are nothing short of vagabond miracles.  My love is big and my worries are small. As my journey unfolds, I will breathe deeply, think calmly and embrace being LED.  My past wont dampen my future, it will open me up to life's infinite magic coming my way... and yours too, if you let it! 

The bag I have packed for the future is simple but has deep compartments holding promise, hope, gratitude, humility, truth, and a clear map...that leads straight to my heart.  Others will not dictate where I go, my heart will lead and my soul will follow.

I will show up every day being truly present and emanating love and peace.  How will you show up?  Start today.

Begin your journey with YOGA.  Put on your favorite mellow tunes or find your silent happy sacred place and practice at your own pace focusing on integrity of the poses and "foundation first".


Be love.

Be amazing. 

Sprinkle 2015 with your soul glitter and smile.

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