Kimi's TOP 5 ways to flow through 2015 with grace, power...and LOVE

1. Chances are you've got some "blood suckers" in your life.  Choose happiness.  Choose to be 100 percent happy, don't settle for 75 percent.  You deserve it all.  We all do!  Stop being a victim because you are not one!  You are free if you choose to be.  Do not stand and absorb miserable peoples behavior and negative energy.  You are FREE to walk away every day with compassion and love.  Some people are addicted to sadness, pain, or maybe even substances.  Offer peace in your heart and smile as you say Goodbye and continue on YOUR PATH TO GREATNESS.  "You cant dance with the devil on your shake him off!"- Florence and The Machine...anytime you forget or discover someone's bringing you down OR HOLDING YOU BACK from your dreams...listen and get inspired by your own power and heart.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and advocate for YOU.  Put YOU first and see what happens, you might just find you'll be better at life and a better person as a whole in all of your life roles.

2. Give something up.  Not for LENT, y'all....ALL year long.  Take away something not serving you and replace it with something new and beneficial.  Bad habit?  That's ok, you got this.  What ever it is YOU CAN STOP, if you choose.  It's all in your head.  Be strong.  Make it a goal to STOP.  Make it a goal to START something freakin' awesome.  Need to quit smoking?  Take a run and quickly you'll realize why you should.  Take up a daily yoga practice or maybe try crossfit and develop and nurture a healthy hobby that will invigorate you not cause you anxiety and bad breathe.  Addiction on your pesky little shoulder?  Okay, choose a MANTRA only you know and recite it every time you have the itch to do whatever it us you are trying to LET GO.

3. MANTRA-"Mantra" means a sacred utterance, numinous sound, or a syllable, word, phonemes, or group of words believed by some to have psychological and spiritual power. Mantra may or may not be syntactic or have literal meaning; the spiritual value of mantra comes when it is audible, visible, or present in thought." (wiki)

Come up with your own mantra.  The most common I know of, is "LET GO".  Inhale on "Let", Exhale on "go".  My personal mantra always and especially for 2015 is "I AM LOVE".  Inhale on "I AM", Exhale on "LOVE".  Yours can be anything your heart and soul desires though! 

Examples:  I am peace.  I am forgiveness.  I am calm.  I am happy.  I am free.  I am whole.  I am power.  I am healthy.  I am healed.  I am abundant.

4.  READ THE SECRET.  My dear friend and surrogate family told me over and over that I needed to re-read THE SECRET...and indeed I did.  Part of me thinks it saved me...I know it did and I know it will because I am going to keep reading it over and over until every single last one of my vivacious dreams comes true. BOOM.  Cant hold me down...I'm gonna keep on movin...

Another secret I'll let you in about me personal practice, besides daily yoga whether its on my mat in my room or sweating at my favorite studio, I read a daily meditation every day and take a few minutes to myself to close my eyes, reflect and have gratitude for WHAT IS.  There is always something to be grateful for even when you are in your darkest hour.  Some days I am more grateful for my glorious mistakes because the wise part of me knows those who try to bury me forget I am a seed.  Embrace your failures because they are not failures at all.  INSPIRE don't become your thoughts and words.  Hate and jealousy will eat you alive.  Practice ways of peace.  Let Go and Let God.  Believe in yourself and READ and research about ways to stay healthy emotionally.  Nurture your hearts curiosities and meditate.  I once told a nervous young Yoga student from a devout Catholic background who was concerned she was converting to Buddhism from practicing YOGA that "Praying is when we talk to GOD.  Meditating is when GOD TALKS TO US."  (I didn't make that up, I read that somewhere along my yogic journey:) 

My daily fave is JOURNEY TO THE HEART by Melody Beattie.  I haven't missed a day of reading and re-reading that book in 2 years and I never will.  It is my happy place, my daily reminder of who I am and who I want to strive to BE.  Find something you love, whether its a BLOG (maybe my blog?:), the bible, a sports page, daily affirmation...something that adds spirituality and growth and positivity to your routine. 

Reading is always a good idea. 

Reading about peace and love is the best idea ever.

5.  Pull the weeds in your garden of peepery...yup there I said it.  I read an article about billionaires and Oprah was one of them...YOU ARE only as successful mentally, professionally and spiritually as the 5 people you spend the most time wonder why you're stuck?! Well now you know...its a fact y'all...Feeling held down?  Feeling unappreciated?  Chances are YOU ARE!  Don't be held captive by cynics, negative, cold, boring, unhappy people.  Surround yourself with people that excite you and make you feel loved, amazing, and awesome-sauce because you are.  I read in THE HUFFINGTON POST TODAY, "I hope this is why they kept me around.  Seriously, I never knew my bosses to keep anyone less than stellar in their inner-circle.  There were many times I thought to myself, "Damn, they have dream teams built around them"  Jim Rohn had it right, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." 

That can be an ugly truth to reflect on if your best bud or life partner is always playing devils advocate on your dreams and goals...whoever you surround yourself with should be building you up, buttercup...not competing with you or holding you back.  If someone loves you, truly, they will elevate you and make you feel alive and invigorated not kept and full of FEAR.  Get rid of the weeds once and for all, y'all. 

A prime example of a dream team is one of my greatest supporters and dearest friends is a very spiritual religious WISE and strong woman.  She lights me up, encourages me, accepts and loves me for who I am, and tells me every day how "I am on my way to the top"...

My best friend Zsa Zsa not only lives a great successful abundant life in LOVE and professional/ soon as I expressed to her I had made a concrete decision to start a new path, she said, "BABE!!!!! IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!"  She also texted me within seconds of my first blog post after being silent for months..."I loved your blog.  Glad you are back." 

My son, Oscar before his classroom Christmas party I was room mom for.

 Oscar said, "MOM!  I cant wait to tell all my friends YOU are my mom."

I have solid gold hearted parents too. They encourage me daily to be the best I can be and offer up unconditional love no matter how inconvenient it may be. Thanks love you guys.

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my favorite 2015 songs  CANT NO BODY HOLd ME DOWN...TELL 'em Puff! I'm HAPPY!  Don't waste your time... DOG DAYS ARE OVER...yup..gone, BYE!  When I said "Goodbye"  I meant it (I love these chicks are doing Pilates...that's all:) (You know I wouldn't leave out Adam...)  All you are is mean...sing it Tay...