Night Changes...

Feeling grateful for awesome friends...sat tonight at my longtime friends and former clients' brand new beautiful soapstone kitchen counter that once was probably a very outdated laminate surface. If you knew these gals or seen their fabulous astounding remodels, you wouldn't be shocked because they're both outstanding creative and savvy souls but there's something so inspiring about "before and after" of groundbreaking gutting an old house. Gutting an old home is clearly a labor of love just like building a home is. 

As I walked through the masterpiece número two tonight, I felt happiness in my bones...I felt hope. I thought to myself, well this old house was once "this way" and nowwwww, "it's this magical perfect amazing temple she calls HOME.  

I recently built my dream home but like the song says,  



sad to sell what I BUILT, what we built...I chose every single tile, every light fixture, every shade of paint, etc. My kids etched their names into the cement where I thought we'd live forever but then those damn "night changes" just came and threw me face down for a whole new path...the path has been seemingly inhumane for the last 4 months but Yoga and 3 sets of little eyes that call me mommy, have my faith in myself and our new future, STRONG and warrior like. 

If you can gut a house and make it can gut anything, right? Transformation is possible always and possibilities are infinite. Nothing is certain or constant besides my love for my babies, others close and true, and my practice and I've learned sometimes you need to do a little gutting to create beauty again...let's call it "updating", shall we?   

Brings me back to a time when I was talking to a fellow yogi and wonderful teacher, Brent Divine, who said, "well...atleast there's no where to go but UP now!" I laughed at the time but it stayed with me...when in tough times, embrace the limitless possibilities...gut the excess, let go of bad energy, people, things, whatever is holding you back, and focus on floating...UP! 

Feeling grateful to "let go" of this home (after all it's just a thing) at some point, build a-new, and re-build my dreams into meaningful miracles and goals.

Thank you ladies for inspiring me tonight and every day. Your new abodes are amazing and stunning... like y'all and your love and light warms me more than you could ever know. 

Grateful for tough times too because it's like taking a highlighter to all the people in my life that are REAL and love me even when all I have to offer now... is my company... 

LOVE, LIGHT, and hugs to all you awesome-sauce friends and hit 2,000 hits this week! Yumaste;)

You've given me the best "presence" a Yo-Gal could ask for;) see you on the mat! Boom!