1. Check out, physically...and mentally.  Carve 10 minutes out where you can disappear to a quiet serene spot and just BE.  Sit comfortably or lay on your back with your legs up the wall.  Close your eyes, BREATHE DEEPLY and slowly and just chill out and walk away, mentally, from ANY thoughts.  Focusing on your 6th chakra or 3rd eye (spot between the brow) is a great way to go inward.

2. Take a walk outside.  Breathe in the fresh air and soak up the sun even if its cold out.  Notice the sensations you feel from the weather, smells, sounds, etc.  Indulge in the nature around you and feel grateful for its beauty and connect with it.

3. Take a bath.  I love Mr.Bubble:) or Epsom salts (Dr. Teals or Fresh Market).  Mix up a mud mask and take 10-15 minutes to soak and decompress.  Let the warm suds clean you physically and spiritually.

4. Listen to MUSIC.  Listen to a station or playlist that calms you (ENYA or World Music or Instrumentals).  Listen, breathe, and let the vibration guide you back to a smoother softer state.

5. Eat a piece of dark chocolate. 

6. Make a cup of tea.  Chamomile, Mint or Detox tea are a few of my evening faves.  If you don't have tea, make an elixir or spa water with fresh lemon or cucumbers.  There are free recipes for elixirs on my recipe link.

7. RUN.  Not a runner? That's ok!  Just put your tenni's on and jog around the block.  Its not a contest.  Go at your own pace & walk when you need.

8. Call a friend.  Need I say more?  

9. Read a classic novel or a healing book.

10. Cook something.  Following instructions/Recipe can distract you from stress and become therapeutic if you welcome it.  Cook with love and color and have gratitude.  It is so fun and so rewarding to share too!

11. Juice.  Anytime I concentrate on healthy things, I feel more at peace in general.  When I make juice, it makes me happy and excites me.  I love making juice with my kids.  I love making juice for others. Its fun trying new concoctions and experimenting.

12. CUDDLE-snuggle up with your partner, kids, dog, pillow, whatever!:)  Cuddling is fun.  I love smelling the people I love and their scents always make me smile and feel like home when my sensorys kick in.  The tops of my kids heads always smell so nummy and I could just ravel in their hair for their sweet innocent aroma's! My mom has the most comforting scent.  She always smells like perfume even in the morning...I always remember as a child loving to snuggle in to her because he smell made me feel safe and at peace.

13. Paint your nails

14. Sexytime.

15.  Get a blowout.  David Broadway has an awesome new DRY BAR...check it out!  Its beautiful and they have great affordable pampering options for the working girl on the go or the mom on the run!!dry-blow-bar/c23gt Only $22 cant beat that!

16. Essential Oils.  Research your area of frustration or ailment and experient with essential oils.  I'm hearing great things about DoTerra.

One of my great friends and super mom, Meredith Douglas of 4 kiddies, always doses me up with these exhilarating oils when we have playdates with kids.  She's got oils for prevention, cold and flu, headaches, and more.  Loving the non-chemical concept...I'm thinking it will make a larger breakthrough sooner than we think. Love you Mere!  I can still smell the orange oil from last week! MMMMMMmmmmm.

17. Get a massage.  Andrew at REFRESH is my favorite.  I don't get to indulge very often but he is your guy...the best and the sweetest too!

18.  Get a facial or a peel.  Julia Smirnov, owner of REFRESH, is the tops.  She is very intuitive and always knows what's best for every face and skin type.  She has state of the art equipment, years of experience, top of the line products, easy online scheduling, and her pricing is affordable.  She is kind, funny and delightful to be around.  You feel like you've known her for years after one appointment!

19. ART

Draw or paint.  Make a playlist.  Write in a journal. Blog.  Email a long time friend or parent a nice long juicy thoughtful letter.


roll our your mat.  get on youtube and search Baptiste Yoga or Wanderlust Yoga or Lululemon Ambassador Yoga.