Somewhere out there...

Somewhere out there, someone ELSE is feeling exactly how you are. 

No one is exactly like YOU because the mold breaks every time, BUT somewhere out there someone shares your same joy, confusion, or maybe even pain.  When things are happening to us, we tend to internalize and think OUR situation is unique or more traumatic than someone else's similar story or situation.  When we get in a rut and fear breaks us down, we feel sorry for ourselves and think this has never happened to anyone else, but I am here to tell you is has, does, is, and will.

I was sitting with a group of yogi's a few nights back after the kids had went down to bed.  We ate soup and talked about life after practicing Yoga for 90 minutes.  It was comforting because my friend & frankly a woman I really look up to and admire looked at me straight in the eyes and laughed...she said, "'re situation is no different than mine was and began to laugh in a loving way." 

They are all the same.  They all roll out the same way in the end. 

Our stories are all unique yes, our truths are unique, yes, but there's only so many outcomes and the probablility of human beings reacting in ways they do to is usually pretty common if you compare notes.  Women have reaction-al tendencies as do men.

We tend to monument our feelings into thinking we are the only one to have ever felt this or that way but the real truth is there is someone on this earth identifying with the same joy, excitement, pain, betrayal, or fear.

What we give out echoes back ten-fold so take a moment to send out all those people  feeling just like you love, peace, strength, compassion and comfort if that's what you need.


Last night's Vinyasa Flow


This guy is intense but the message is powerful:)