Don't let your mind limit your life...

We often close ourselves off to infinite possibilities when we THINK with a closed limited mind. When you want things to change in your life, you usually need to change you and the way you think if you're expecting the results to change.  

You can't manifest a miracle and then lock your front door. You can't "call on an angel" and then clip her wings. ..;)

Habits to break for 2015 if you want better results:

1. Don't make conclusions without any's completely destructive to make assumptions. If your heart is closed you can never truly love. If your mind is closed, you are going to keep repeating the same patterns and wonder why nothing changes. Keep an open mind and open heart always...even when your broken. 

2. Stop the pity party for yourself. You can have it all. You deserve it. We all do. Stop thinking, "it can't happen to me". It can! You need to manifest it, believe it and then smile and be grateful when you're receiving it.  

3. Shoulda Woulda Coulda...STOP! Stop focusing on the past. It doesn't define you. Live in the NOW. Be present and embrace WHAT IF...YES?! 

4. Stop blaming others and stop blaming yourself. Let go lovingly. Move forward with excitement strength and light. 

5. Negative psychic're not a private investigator....stop thinking you know what someone else is thinking. You have no idea what someone has endured or why they react in a certain way so be easy on others, gentle on yourself and stop the assumption chatter. 

You can manifest love. You can manifest peace. "Free your mind and the rest will follow... "


Embracing my morning view flowing gently through a slow bendy practice. Feeling grateful and observing the beauty in nature...loving how the Maumee River looks frozen...almost as if it doesn't exist but then when the sunshine melts the ice, it's a sight for sore eyes...🙏 


Always start my day with Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart...


Morning sunset asana in my room...

oh're so cool. This SUGAR song is on repeat in my car and the video made my can't not smile watching this...