Be your BEST SELF...

We have all read articles about the traits and characteristics of successful moguls like Oprah, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sir Richard Branson, Howard Schultz, Tim Cook, Indra Nooyi...not a bad idea to re-discover their simple little life secrets.  Get inspired and motivated by these awesome-sauce peeps and see how they focus their lives, delicately, simply, but with PASSION.  They insert emotional commitment in everything they do...

Successful people put PASSION into everything they do.  Even when they are resting or vacationing they are still curious and leisurely conversations still circle back to innovation, dreams, visions, and goals.  Don't get me wrong though, these people turn off their phones...they know how to be present and give presence.  In the morning when they wake, they don't turn on the TV or reach for their media devices...THEY meditate and connect with their inner selves first. 

Not to say some successful people aren't stubborn at times, but one thing they have in common is they don't allow their brains to get rigid.  They are curious, open, and flexible to new ideas, opinions, and excited and intrigued by abstract thinking and possibility.  They don't dwell on things that don't work.  They learn from their mistakes and move on.  If something isn't producing money in their business, they don't keep pushing it, they look for the next trend and focus on creating new possibility.  If they have BAD LOCATION, THEY MOVE!  They don't keep pouring money into a place that doesn't thrive...they cut their losses and learn or they SELL.  They keep it simple and are always moving forward

Successful people are ONE OF A KIND.  They stand out because they lead not follow...they don't over-delve into what other people think.  They do their own thing and their careers reflect their uniqueness.  People know them for their individuality and notice they are a little different than every body else.  They are kind to others and make others feel good.  People generally want to be around them.  They attract lots of friends and people want to work for them.  People want to be on their team.  They thrive individually and on a team.  They like being around people but also value alone time and shutting the door when necessary.

They have a REGIMEN.  They organize their time and follow a daily routine.

IE: Wake up 7:00 am

Meditate & Stretch 7:15am-7:30am

Hit the gym, YOGA or RUN 7:30am-8:30am

8:30am Check the stock market, slam a juice, protein shake and a coffee or tea.








Meditate or Read

BED before 10pm

THEY CONTINUALLY CHALLENEGE THEMSLEVES and look for ways to better themselves and continue their education in whatever field they practice.  They don't dwell on past successes, they recurrently look for new ways to develop, grow, and succeed.  Successful people are usually known for more than one operation or brand.  They build or climb their way up with signature creations and brands.  They may leave or sell out their companies but at the end of the day, everyone associates that company with THAT INDIVIDUAL...the founder.  Chip Wilson, founder of Lululemon Athletica is a prime example.  Laurent has taken over the company and is a great leader, but every body associates CHIP with the company brand and he will never be forgotten...perhaps he will show up again in a larger capacity with his next successful venture?....

Successful people market themselves and their brands effortlessly.  Take it from the master Taylor Swift aka TAY TAY.  Shake it off and laugh if you want but she's the one selling 80 billion albums. What have you done lately?  I love the article on Forbes by Rob Schwartz, he says, "Taylor Swift’s dexterity with media reminds me of Paul McCartney’s dexterity with instruments. He’s a genius with each one. And so too is Ms. Swift. Look at how she’s maximizing each one. For mass awareness, she’s using mass media: TV advertising, some print and banners. For product demos, she’s using Internet film and PR. The PR is materializing in talk- show circuit performances. She’s using filmed media on the Internet to perform and do product sampling. Fan (read: customer) engagement is maximized in two-way platforms like Skype and Twitter Q&As. She’s also being really smart with Instagram and Tumblr. On Instagram she’s revealing new song lyrics one post at a time, with nicely art-directed torn pages of a journal. On Tumblr, you can simply follow along on her life’s journey. It’s her narrative and it plays like a real-time documentary." 

Sorry fools, that chick is not vain or narcissistic...she is on a mission with a purpose and she's accomplished more than most middle aged men, so settle down your judgment on the teen pop-star because she's smart as hell.  She's kicking a**, taking names, and having an awesome freakin' time following her dreams!  She's going no where but UP, fast, so sit with your cynics wasting your time being jelly, but while some "are telling the same old stories no ones listening to", this girl is creating magic everywhere she goes and reaping the bennys!  So take a master class from Tay Tay and be your own biggest fan!  If you cant promote your dreams and visions, who will?  NON...

Okay... so get your awesome-sauce recipe together for your BEST SELF prepped and ready for 2015 all year long dinner party. 

Find your passion and commit to it in everything you do.

Be present. 

Know when to hold em, know when to fold em.

Keep an open mind and keep moving forward even when things don't go as planned.

Create a mindful regimen that is YOURS and shapes your best self.

Challenge yourself constantly and continue your education in your passion. Don't live in past successes, make more!

MARKET yourself.  WHO CARES what others think or say, you can politely wave back to them from the top with a loving smile and throw a peace sign!

PEACE OUT Y'ALL, hope to see you at the to me.  Have a blessed day! Kisses!