Tell the universe what you want...

What do you want, anyways?  Think about it...its humbling and a little overwhelming but SUPER exciting when you realize, what ever it is, it's yours!  If you don't know, then the universe cannot bring it your way...right? 

DECLARE it.  WHAT DO YOU WANT?  Breathe it. Live it.  Tell yourself over and over what you want and make it your MANTRA!  Make it your mascot!  Make it your constant thought.  SAY IT.  MEAN IT.  When you express what it tis you really want the law of attraction brings it right to you.  You have to believe it's yours...then... it WILL BE.

Don't be vague.  You owe it to yourself to take the time to think about what it is YOU want.  After all THIS IS YOUR LIFE and you only get ONE!  Be as descriptive as possible.  Put a time frame on it.  Imagine it as if it were already happening or given to you.  Don't worry about the bridge to get there, that is not your concern...if you can see and dream what you want, the universe will infinitely make it happen as there are infinite possibilities if you believe in the universe and believe in YOU.

My inspiration comes from an unconditional friend, she knows who she is:)  If you, too, feel inspired and have your 2015 Universe-Christmas list ready in your fine noggin...check out ways to reinforce your positive go-getter thinking and READ THE SECRET or go to  and grab some helpful tools to help you stay focused on getting what you want, once and for all.

I want YOU to keep reading my blog.  I want YOU to do YOGA and LOVE it.  I want you to smile everyday.  I want you to love and feel loved in every possible way.  I want to share my secrets with you and grow together.  There is enough abundance in this universe for let's go get what we truly want.

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