Detox...your LIFE

We all fire up for these bi-annual cleanses and detoxes to re-boot and refresh in hopes of cleansing the body, mind, and even soul, but is detoxing our diet enough?  Sure, it's great to re-set and find a safe custom cleanse or detox that meets your personal nutritional and health needs.  I always recommend talking to your DR if you are not sure or do not have the tools or knowledge to navigate.  I chuckle thinking about this lively vivacious client of mine that came to me last winter with a lot of health issues and asked me to make her juices and create a custom regimen for her...I said well I think you should consult your physician first and then maybe we can work together to build a safe regimen for you...she laughed at the top of her lungs and said, "NO!  My HUSBAND IS A DOCTOR...what does he know!?" Her laugh was contagious and welcoming so I caught it and began giggling right a long with her.  She was confident, comedic, and had no interest in DR's...she said she had been to so many and none had really listened to her or made way with her stomach issues and sensitivities...I told her she should see my brother, Sean, the best MD in the world, but she for some strange reason put all her eggs in my basket...her Pilates & Yoga instructor...

I explained to her it was out of my scope of practice and she said, "whatever, just make me some juices and I'll pay you.  I'll tell you what I like and don't like and we can go from there. At this point I have tried everything and it certainly cant hurt me to add in a little green juice!".

In the spirit of detoxing our bodies with heated YOGA twists, juicing, fasting, skin and tongue scraping, and oil pulling...what about ENCOUNTERING A LIFE DETOX.

FAMILY-they always say you cant choose your family but you choose who to spend time with and who you associate "family" with...just because someone is blood doesn't mean they treat you with the respect you deserve or maybe you don't see eye to eye and distance is better for all?  Either way, I think pulling the relationship to a peaceful standstill with set boundaries is healthy and perfectly normal.  If someone makes you feel agonized or negative in anyway-STAY AWAY-make peace but keep your distance...hence keep YOUR PEACE.  Send love in your heart and take space.


CAREER-unhappy in your workplace or stage of life? Did you hope you'd be higher up the ladder by now? Did you envision yourself in a different field? Don't quit your job but keep your dream's never too ate to take the proper steps towards aligning your passions with your paycheck. Do your homework! Map out how to travel from mediocre to greatness. Who's hiring? Maybe you need a location change to escalate to the next level? Weigh your options and see what sacrifices you're ready and willing to make to climb the mountain. You'll never know if you don't try! Have a business idea? Start talking about it! Put it out in the universe and see how it tastes? Yum! Good luck!

HOBBIES & INTERESTS-soooo important. Whether you're a cross fit junky, closet yogi, or a band-aid...hobbies and interests are so important. No...they are vital! If it makes YOU happy...if it makes YOU's a precious priority. If anyone tells you any different, they don't have your best interest in mind. People that love you elevate you and want you to be happy, whatever it takes.

FRIENDS-take time to show appreciation to those who enrich your life and nurture you. Tell them how grateful you are for their laugh, smile, nudge, and heart. Have some purging to do? You know in your heart who loves you and who's just interested in "the dinner party quarterly" so be a better person and walk away with love and compassion...they've brought you down before and they'll do it again and again and again...chances are they construct a lot behind your back too so take out the trash once and for all. You'll feel better I promise. Stick by your REAL friends in times of trouble because chances are you'll need them to peel you off the floor someday too...big things can change in the blink of an eye so shelf your judgement because SH*T happens to everyone and clouds will come your way in a different form...but good REAL friends will be there to warm you with the sunshine. Give thanks and purge y'all!

COMMUNITY-how do you show up in your community? How do you give back? The greatest reward is helping others. Go volunteer or adopt a family to help. Research organizations and causes that interest you and find ways to get involved. Get the whole family involved! Find fun healthful events to participate in together that merit a meaningful charity or cause.

SELF-stop the chatter. Stop the self talk. Get out of your head and into your heart. Don't let your past failures define you because they don't. Anything you wanted at the time, so embrace the pleasant memories and let the past be the past. You are good enough. Everyone makes mistakes. Let it go. Let it be. Let your detours be a scenic part of your journey. Chances are someday you'll regret not being more authentic. Doing the "right" thing isn't always "right" in the end. Follow YOUR heart. Don't be manipulated by others idealizations or societies. Be happy. Period.

BODY-eliminate one thing that you know isn't doing a body good.  And I don't mean gluten;) gluten-schmooten...who cares...I'm exhausted of listening to unhealthy lazy people preach about cutting gluten out...then the load up and over indulge in sugar. 

Add more fish, eat less meat. Supplement your diet with healthy low sugar fresh juices.  try to eat more RAW. The more color the better!

Go to the gym! Do Pilates or yoga...cutting gluten ain't going to sculpt that middle. Get up and get active! Try something new! Boxing? HIIT? Cross-fit? YOGA? Pilates? 

MIND-take time to reflect loving positive thoughts. Focus on the good. Focus on the future. Focus on being perfectly imperfect and appreciate each step of the trek. Nothing is an accident...pray, meditate and breathe. Have gratitude for the ups and downs and the countless blessings. Let go of negativity and insecurity. You are human. Integrity is based on authenticity with report to YOU and no one else. Be kind to yourself, you're doing great. Purge the self judgement and declare you'll do better tomorrow than you did today! That's all y'all.

Detox it up. Breathe in 2015 with hope, power, vigor, and divine infinite possibilities headed your way.

You are the artist of your life now go paint a masterpiece!



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