How to LOVE your life...

Often we look for love in all the wrong places...I can tell you an infinite amount of times that it is "within you", but as we all know that easier said than done and maintained!  I'll break it down for you though so you have the tools what you need to LET GO of to find your life that you LOVE!

Let go of comparing yourself to have no idea how dark someone's life is regardless of their shiny perfect FaceBook Page or Tweets...usually the more "perfect" seeming peeps are the ones with the deepest pain.  The couples that never fight are the ones with the biggest don't you dare think you are less happy or less successful than someone else.  You are good enough.  You are right where you are supposed to be and your journey is unfolding just as it should.  Be patient.  Focus on YOU...don't judge or compare to others.

Stop worrying about things that haven't happened!  How often do we obsess over, "what if!???" when in fact, the "what if!??? never occurs!  We waste sleepless nights and countless amounts of energy worrying about tomorrow when we should be showing up 100% TODAY and being present.  Give presence.  Be present.  Live now.  "Worrying is like praying for what you don't want." -Cheryl Foston

Let go of trying to change others.  If someone bothers you so much you feel the need to change them, take peaceful space.  Work on YOURSELF.  You cant change someone else.  You can change YOU.

Stop being a YES man.  SAY NO!  Stop making excuses or overbooking yourself for things you really do not want.  It's okay to say NO.  be authentic.  Stop creating excuses and reasons why you bagged an event or commitment...stop OVER COMMITTING.

Don't cheat on your future with your past. PERIOD.  You're human.  Let it go.  If others cant, let them go. 

Let go of thinking you are flawed or broken.  We all are and that's what makes us beautiful, unique, and PERFECTLY IMPERFECT.  "No one truly interesting is universally liked"(GGTD) you sewed a bad oat...move on...peace out.  You cant turn back time so make your future like an breathtaking gut-jolting LIVE concert! 

Stop taking yourself so seriously.  Breathe. Laugh at yourself when you screw up...chances are it is sort of funny or will be for some reason at some point!

Stop blaming others and making excuses for why your life is the way it is.  YOU are the reason your life is what it is.  YOU have the power at any given moment to muster courage and change it or to rehab what you need.  Figure out what YOU NEED and YOU WANT authentically and the rest will fall into place.

Let go of thinking you don't deserve the BEST.  Let go of thinking you don't deserve to BE HAPPY!  We all do!  You choose consciously every day to stay on the flat safe ground or climb the Mountain! 

"People were created to be loved, things were created to be used. The reason the world is in chaos, is because things are being loved, and people are being used". -Cheryl Foston

Namaste my loves. 



Down Dog! Verny my lil yoga muffin.


Tulum in????



Random, I know, but I love gardening...and growing! Grow your own potatoes! Fun!


Practice spirituality and peace with mudras! Mudras and mantras are always good ideas!


Oh yea and, MERCI...have gratitude! 


Hanging with my baby loves at Bobby's school. Reading, crafts, such fun!