The root of hate is actually LOVE...

You do not feel anger towards someone if you do not care about them…hence caring enough to be angry or mad in the first place.  Step back and observe feelings of that nature that surface and be a witness to what YOU ARE ACTUALLY FEELING INSIDE…my sources say most likely, FEAR, pain, rejection, betrayal, and many other negative verbs.

INDIFFERENCE is "not giving a shit".  Not caring.  No tears, no pain, no emotion at all.  You are indifferent because "it" or "them" no longer impact your life or day-to-day emotions.  Indifference comes with time, healing, FORGIVENESS (yourself and others), self work, self love, talk therapy, exercise, meditation, YOGA, and many more.  Exercise (especially YOGA) helps release and LET GO of FEAR, BLAME, RESENTMENT, etc if you can find that sacred place within you…your personal spiritual temple.  

INDIFFERENCE is a harsh definition though, keep in mind.  wiki wiki whoaaaaaa.  I felt chills just reading it.  We should always strive to have compassion for others. PERIOD.  We can feel sympathy for people who are sick without letting it sicken us.   Pray for the WEAK but STAY STRONG FOR YOU.  Do no harm, but take no shit.,.if you do harm (which we all do in different ways)…Say sorry and mean it.  A passive aggressive, "sorry" is worse than not apologizing at all.  Be sorry. Forgive yourself and be done. Be better.  Take your life by the wings and SOAR.

My yogi pal, David, always says in his classes, "you will fall out of the pose if your mind is racing or you are not breathing…we will be able to tell in this pose if you are struggling with breathe or mind because you will fall out of the pose!"  True dat, D-Schmenk.  Well, well, well, yogi's, LIFE is like that too! When you FEEL good, you LOOK good…you radiate good energy, love, and attract…Be what you want to attract! You would be surprised what you are actually attracting if you step back…you settle for what you think you deserve….and deem "possible".  If you don't think you are worthy of happiness, you will never earn true happiness or reap the benefits.  Be happy. Get happy. Think HAPPY thoughts.  Wish happiness onto ALL. No matter what.  I DO!

Stay open...

LOVE this track…so yummy