When a child spills his milk, do you scold him? Or calmly tell him it's no big deal, accidents happen and teach him to clean it up?  

When your herbs or vegetable in your garden dies do you curse or lash a plant that fails to blossom?

Somehow we (I) always manage to find compassion and forgiveness for others...we never ever forget our children are still growing and learning...why would we treat our-SELVES any differently!? We fall down, trip and spill too! And that's okay!  

We may not always have the right words or the right solution and that's okay too... 

We ALL do or say the wrong things at the wrong times...and it's OKAY!  

Notice your softness with your kids and plants and then give yourself that same compassion and respect...give yourself time, room, space and a loving nurturing environment to grow in!