Healing Pain

Pain isn't just physical...the worst most hopeless "feeling" pain, perhaps, is emotional. We are programmed by society at a tender age that taking "medication" will temporarily relieve our pain...so we habitually ignore the festering malignancy in the pain and seek a bandaid but then the scar or lesion becomes so big, it's too painful to bare and too nasty to cover any longer...and then we fiend for something much greater and passionate and that is TRUTH and authenticity. We fascinate about being saved, helped, nurtured and loved from a harmful unhealthy situation. We can save ourselves even when the others don't want to be saved...

Consciously self-work towards healing from the inside out. Feel your feelings...don't push them aside. Grieve when you need...keep your heart open and trust the journey...it's always something so find the beauty in today...laugh at yourself when necessary and believe in the future and manifesting what you want!  

do yoga!