Bhakti with Elena Brower...


Sometimes instead of writing form my heart, I like to share pieces by others that have touched me...I like to spread wisdom, spread love and share...maybe this will touch you like it touched me. Elena Brower has always inspired me, I have followed her around the country learning from her deep love and wisdom from YOGA over the years...she is a great teacher to me...if you want more, check out her beautiful site...

or pick a copy of ART OF ATTENTION too, one of my favorite books.  Her inner-beauty seeps off every page. Namaste, Kimi.

"The way Bhakti works
You just love

Until you and the Beloved become One." 

You just trust, until you and the turmoil
can finally be done with one another, 
until you call your anger + your fear
your sister + your brother. Finally.  

And take good care of those two -- your anger + your fear.
Don't throw them out or shun them; they need your attention,
so you won't be overcome by their presence.
Love them intelligently and outrun them with your integrity.

You just listen, until the quiet of your heart is as loud as any habitual voice,
You just believe - please believe - until sacred possibility is your only choice, 
the only portal through which you'll walk today.

You just witness, until you meet your soul directly, with kindness.
And you stay with yourself, closely, until you can find this potent, growing truth
as readily as you can locate the usual criticism or doubt.

Set your alarm if you must, sit quietly in the earliest morning, and let it be fun.
This is Bhakti. You just love until you and the Beloved become One. -Elena Brower