Dear 2015,

Namasteeeeee...for kicking my tail flipped me upside down, turned me inside-out and grated me to dust in the beginning...but...Thank you. Thank you for loving me enough to push me off a ledge so I could have no choice but to fly. Thank you prior for clipping my wings so I could grow strong and start a-new healthier life and purge dysfunctional people and so called family that never was meant for me & never understood love. Thank you for moving me closer to my hopes, dreams, desires, passion, and potential. You taught me fearlessness through pain and some pleasure too😜You showed me what's possible and dangled things I know I'm capable of and deserve so that I'd weed out unhealthy partners in both professional and personal relationships. You showed me who was real and who needs work or even rehabilitation. You showed me I need work but my efforts are great. You dimmed my light but I shined through. You uncovered ugly truths, patterns, & sicknesses about people I thought I loved or loved at one time but you inspired me to shine brighter and leave the ordinary situations and evil that wasn't my problem, behind. You showed me my showed me my fears, doubts, weaknesses and also highlighted my inner beauty and deepest strengths.

Aum, beloved twenty fifteen, you showed me how lovely my humanness gave others who couldn't wait to see me fall a great show too so thanks for humbling took the wind out of my lungs too many times but you put the life back into my heart and energy back into my veins. You rocked my world you know you did. For those of you who enjoyed the show, your day will come, I'm certain... but I'll cheer, support & pray for you anyways because I'm not an asshole.

2-0-1-5, you opened extraordinary doors I didn't know existed. You blessed me with many new Angels and extracted the jealous blood suckers aka "opportunists" using me for yoga jobs, money, ideas...or ones who simply wanted MY life and didn't hesitate to try to sweep into my role at the failing shiny business on river road that is quickly coming to an end...documented legally. Problem is, people can steal lots of, my business, my paper certifications (always keepin it classy), Realestate, but not MY light, authenticity, uniqueness, passion and drive. 2015, you showed me and many others I cannot be "replaced" EVER.  

Thanks for showing me I'm the original and can be copied but not re-created...God bless for restoring my confidence & giving me courage to move, literally.

Thanks for bringing me closer to my parents than I've ever been. They are fucking awesome. Love you guys that's true love.

Thanks for taking me away from things not serving me any longer. Thanks for my precious moments and new memories with my flock. Thanks for my flock, my three man band, my 3 amigos, the 3 best men I'll ever greatest teachers.

Thanks for protecting them and me. 

Thanks for steering us into a beautiful loving safe community...Ottawa Hills, I love thee and so do the boys...thanks for loving us so hard, we feel it.  

20-15, you brought me deeper into my yoga practice than ever and showed me a path I want to take. Savasana, you are my best betch. 

Thank you for all the messengers who encourage, share, protect and guard my children and I...karma has served me well. I finally feel safe. Keep it coming, I'll never forget.

Twenty fifteen, thank you, you beautiful messy shitty lovely long brought a whole new meaning to "cleaning house"...I'm exhausted but refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired. I will no longer be held back by talons being surrounded by people who refuse to face their disease. Thank you for never dreading another shitty dysfunctional holiday surrounded by passive aggression, hate, neuroticism, way too much alcohol and food prepared by a country club.

I'll cook my own feast, namaste.

PEACE OUT😘✌🏻️from now on, you'll wallow sans MOI! I'll pray for you all because everyone knows now...yall need all you can get.

No more more concrete objects making holes in my foyer ever again.

God bless. From now on love doesn't cost on thing....I promise money won't heal your troubled soul.

Thank you for pushing me to my edge so I can blossom further and become the person I want my kids to be.

Thanks for every tear, every trial, every tip, every failure, disappointment and loss, I now see how much I've gained.

I love you, 2015, but soon we must part ways for the best. I leave you with compassion and gentle abandon.

You took a little piece of my heart, broke a little piece of my heart and made room for a little piece of my heart to welcome in 2016. 

You were my strength when I was weak...because you loved me, 2015, I will dominate 2016...if you don't believe me...JUST WATCH. 


To honor my gratitude I will dedicate letters every day to the many loyal angels who supported me in this masterpiece I call...2015. Stay tuned for days of Gratitude "

Meet me on the mat at noon tomorrow!


Amen. Let that shit go! 

Amen. Let that shit go!