Thank you 2015 for Keri

Thank you for this beautiful (inside & out) vivacious loyal friend. I love every time you knock on my door unannounced...dressed to the nines while I'm in yoga pants. Thank you for being pleasantly disruptive in every yoga class you attend...your presence is truly a gift. Thanks for screen shotting photos of me and constantly uplifting me. Thank you for sending me photos of strong women icons who have fallen to rise...the fact that you make that comparison is such a kind and large gesture in my heart & head...and at the time you did it I really needed it. 

Thank you for advice. I actually take it and you're advice has never steered me wrong. You're smart and awesome. 

Thanks for your funny stories...god you should've been a stand up comic... 

thank you for setting me straight when I'm crooked. Thank you for enlightening me with valid valuable knowledge that served as a pillar in my ascent.  

Thank you for reframing things in a loving way. Thanks for your impersonations and hilarious perceptions and analogies.  

Thank you for creating one of my best memories in Sin City circa 2013...I will forever think of you when I shave my legs!😜😆

Im grateful for you, your strength, love, loyalty. I truly feel your unconditional support. You're a beautiful person, friend, wife and mother and your children reflect that. I love you, Sassy Awesome smart kind badass girl and so does Big Daddy😘