Thank you 2015 for Jules.... 

You didn't care who I knew or where I came from or how big or small my house was...you knew my trials long before they came to an end...you loved me...you weren't connected or concerned with who my in laws were or weren't...you were authentic and that's what I strive to be every day.

You offered me peace, love, hope, encouragement, a million laughs, compassion and unconditional friendship. 

You've experienced many hurdles and still soften to mine. You are lovely. You are the best cook I've ever known. You are nurturing. You are maternal. I loved our many slumber parties...you were my Wednesday "K"night in shining armor... 

Your laugh cripples me & I run when you're in a shitty mood but you're the BEST friend a person could ask for.  

Thank God every day for you. My sweet Jules. My 2nd amigo...my darling friend....❤️❤️❤️❤️