The text book definifition of gratitude is the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness…Gratitude does not mean ignoring pain or that there isn’t any…gratitude is not associated with perfection…it involves practicing the power of respect through the heart…channeling a spiritual power that allows us to keep an open heart even in turmoil or distress.  The Holidays are not merry and perfect for many.  In fact the holidays are most commonly a trigger or reminder of stress, emotional blunder, troubled relationships, loss, & pain.  

Check in here and recall a series of experiences or event in your life that may have caused you to lose respect for the gift of life.  A small shift in our attitude towards people, life and even ourselves can greatly impact our connection to the divine and absolutely effect our connection with gratitude.  

The past is over so let it go with compassion & gentle abandon. You have the power to transform your future from this moment forward with a grateful heart and mind.  When you respect, honor and LOVE yourself at your roots, your needs of the heart will be met and your soul will realign in gracious measures.  

Today as we enter the Holidays in this beautiful studio honoring ourselves by creating space for YOGA today to meet our needs and honor our spirituality and bodies… 

-we bow in spirit to all that we meet.  

-We bow in spirit to all the wondrous gifts the universe unconditionally provides us with no expectations in return…

-we bow with grateful hearts to the sun, moon, earth, stars, the sea.  

Tune in and look for gratitude on the inside…be gentle on yourself. Accept yourself entirely and enter the Holidays with FAITH & humility for the spirit & for everyone you love by sharing precious time with them.  Really listen to what they are saying, how they’re feeling…how they make you feel.  Restore your mind, body, and spirit by connecting with the oneness of GOD this seasoned belief in openness and vulnerability so you enter in authentically and receptive to presence of God as a spirit no matter what your religious beliefs are.



My beautiFULL grateFULL class this morning! ❤️🙏🏻