Traveling revives the soul...

Yoga teaches us to "stay" present even when life throws us curve balls.  Asana teaches us to keep composure, stay calm, and breathe through whatever is making us want to fidget and get out...even when it stings or burns.  Yoga helps release ego, stress, tension, weakness, FEAR, and blame.  Yoga brings us closer to GOD and closer to self-love.

In saying that, there is also a time to get away, to take a breathe AWAY from whatever is happening.  Even if there's no "storm", we all work so hard and are doing the best we can with what we have gets heavy and stressy.

 We all deserve a little R & R sometimes to refresh and rejuve. 

When I say R & R, I don't mean some lavish gallivant...R & R can be a weekend with no money spent with great friends catching up, resting, eating, laughing, loving...or it can be much more if you save your pennies!  There's many forms and different forms are craved at various points in our lives. 

Sometimes something spontaneous and even a little impulsive might be just what the Doctor ordered!  The Los Angeles Times did a story in 2013 about how travel can decrease heart attack & depression, and  increase brain function.  They found both physical and cognitive bennys...

89 percent of folks who traveled saw drops in stress within just 2 days!  They also noticed that 59 percent of Americans "dream" of traveling when retired...but the best trips are NOW with the people you love and cherish.

Carve time for travel if you can.  If you're on a budget, plan ahead...use apps like that will alert you of cheap tickets if your desire is by air.  If not, pack your cizzy and go visit a friend!  The retrograde moon is known for reuniting old up a college bestie and make it happen!  FB gets a lot of heat, but it is great for that fact...reuniting and it feels so good:)

Don't forget to pack your travel mat!  Lululemon Athletica has my favorite travel mat.  Its light, mat on one side, mat towel on the other...and you can pop it in the washing machine! BOOM.