Winter must-take VITAMINS

Feeling a little sluggish or perhaps cold and blahdo?  Besides daily exercise and green juice, here are my top vitamins aVnd skin must haves to melt the polar freeze from taking you down!

Vitamin C-boosts immunities and combats the flu...

Calcium-keeps bones strong when you're wiping out on the slopes and teeth cavity free when you're slamming chocolate in bed (oops that's me!)...

Vitamin D- we are missing that sweet warm sunshine and without vitamin D, our temples (bodies) can’t absorb calcium and stimulate certain immune responses that protect us from colds and infections.

Don't get S.A.D.!  Seriously, don't!  Seasonal Affective Disorder is REAL y'all!  Omega-3 fatty acid supplements can improve your mental focus, ward off the sniffles, and  help boost your mood.  Get happy with me!  Coromega Orange is my favorite source/supplement.  It tastes good and is the most filtered safe supplement on the market!  It's in most groceries stores now too!

Purchase here:

Vitamin Eeeeeeeee....This moisturizing antioxidant infuses the skin with moisture and soothes, red, itchy, flaky skin and brittle hair and nails against free radical damage, psoriasis,  and even windburn.  My favorite Vitamin E product that I use is:  Derma-e

Drink lots of water.  Do lots of Yoga...I did it twice today...YEP!!!!

Love yourself.  Take care of yourself and take care of others.  Have a great snow kissed weekend. PEACE SNOW LOVE LIGHT & VITAMINS!