Bikini Body SECRETS

As we mentally prepare for Spring and particularly, Tulum YOGA Retreat 2015 on March 19th, I keep hearing from my clients going, "I need to slim down before Tulum!  I need to lose weight.  I need to do more Yoga..."  and I keep explaining to them, they have already taken the first positive step!  You keep seeing on social media "Summer Bodies are made in the winter" and while this is true...I believe summer bodies are made and maintained ALL YEAR LONG...sure we falter and over indulge at holidays or on vacation but everything in moderation with a steady focus on exercise and clean eating should keep your target for success when it comes to your temple (aka your hot bod).  Love your body but love yourself too.  Diets don't work but healthy LIFESTYLE does!  If I eat the chocolate in bed, I do YOGA the next morning...Balance your not-so healthy decisions with healthy ones so it's a draw in the end.  make sense?

Some sure fire ways to get on track: 

Commit to a retreat or getaway to reset mentally and physically.  Yoga retreats are the new Vegas, y'all.  Have fun, of course, but make the epi-center of your fun a physical activity!  Ski? Yoga? Run a half marathon? Bicycle the beach or tour on wheels?  Instead of cabbing it, take a stroll!

Up your WATER intake.  I like to add a juiced lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper to start my morning.  Wakes me up and love me a spicy lemonade!

Up your veggie intake...I do this with green juice.  I try to juice every morning.  My tummy has never been welcoming in the morning so I've learned in my adult years to filter in my nutrition in the morning with almond milk or a vibrant green veggie juice.  I love getting my daily vegetable servings in early too because then I don't have to worry the rest of the day and I usually do not have time to any ways! 

Concentrate on your CORE always.  In a perfect world, I would tell you to practice YOGA every day but that is not a realistic feat for all of us so instead I say, do 15 minutes of abs every day.  Whether you position your legs up a wall and do wide elbow crunches or hold boat pose for 10 breathes at a time...DO SOMETHING that CHALLENEGES YOUR ABS...keeping your core strong not only does a bikini body good but it protects your spine and improves balance among MANY other bennys.  Its called your CORE for a reason...your CENTER...your POWERHOUSE...nourish that...keep it as strong as you can. 

AT A LOSS FOR QUICK AB MOVES?  HOLD PLANK...modify to your forearms if needed and just hold it for as many breathes as you can resting in 'pose in between breath sets.

People ask me how my body looks the way it does after the babies and truth is, I eat a lot.  I eat healthier than the average person probably but I also LIVE fully...I eat ice cream, I love candy, I enjoy a cocktail with friends when appropriate when I'm kid free.  I eat meat.  I don't eat a lot of it.  I eat it in moderation but I don't cut it out because my healthful identity isn't based on whether I pretend I am a vegan because I am not.  I don't over commit so I don't break any rules or feel guilty for some silly ideal that isn't overly important to me at this time in my life.  I don't run or do a ton of cardio...what I do...DO... is YOGA every chance I get (#yogaeverydamnday). 

I commit to THAT because it works...YOGA IS CHALLENGING every time I practice physically and mentally and that's why I love  it...its never the same, but it is always changing ME...for the better.  YOGA is for EVERY BODY whether you've drank the koolaid or not yet, it weight is consistent within 5 pounds (what more could I ask for?), my body is sculpted but still feminine...I sweat and release toxins and negative energy and stress every time and I always feel genuinely grateful and HAPPY after...just like everything else in life, the more grateful I am for my practice, the deeper I go and the more I grow, learn and receive it's many gifts.

Find your happy exercise...some like cross fit, running, Pilates, Barre...whatever it may be, COMMIT and make it your mission to do it as much as you can to achieve your personal BEST SELF.  Haven't found it yet?  Set aside time and money for a health retreat to figure out what will motivate you and keep you on's the most valuable investment youll make this year, I guarantee it!  INVEST IN YOU, nothing more powerful and reliable than you'll also lead a great example for your family and friends, perhaps inspiring change all around! 



Want in last minute?  Message me and we will make it happen!





Sunning in Vegas with the girls bikini bods in tact... 


Practicing Yoga in my backyard


Detroit Marathon


Lululemon NYC...practicing in display window September 2014.


Mudarella Detroit 2014