ways to say, "I love you", without saying it...

We all seek and show love in different ways. One of my favorite reads is "The Five Languages of Love" by Gary Chapman...it's fascinating to learn why we mis-communicate  "Love" so easily. We assume so foolishly that someone doesn't love us because they show their love in a different manner than we might...behaviors of LOVE are learned and created by patterns to which we practice and were taught. Languages if love aren't concrete and can be changed and evolved if we know how to interpret different people and know their particular languages. 

This morning I fluttered my eyes open to the sweetest little baby face staring at me through the netting of a pack n play.  His smile was genuine and his eyes squinted like little crescents. In that moment, he didn't have to say a word. I know that smile and those eyes were shouting, "mommy I love you, scoop me up so we can snuggle!"  


We didn't speak. We just smiled and nustled. Human touch is one of the greatest languages, in my opinion.   Although, many adults really struggle with giving and accepting "touch". Touch is so powerful and sometimes just a hand squeeze from a dear friend can change your entire day. A squeeze of love or unconditional support bears strength, human connection and peace.

GAZE is another lovely form of LOVE. Eyes say so much...a lingering gaze can touch the soul so deeply..."starring just a little too long" can penetrate the heart and move the soul.  



Tone...voice tone can tell so much love...tone is soft and sweet when disarming the heart. Tone can be so intimate when carefully drawn. Your tone is drastically different from person to person and you probably don't even notice...be an observer if your tones today. Notice how your tone to a child varies from your tone to a friend or lover. Notice how your tone is more monotone when talking to a co-worker or stranger. Try to emanate loving tones to all that cross your path.

See someone without a smile? Give em one of yours! A smile can give and receive love in a meaningful powerful way. Smile it up! 

Give love whenever possible. Receive love too. You deserve it. We all do. Be grateful for love and relish in all the little lovely ways you get it, give it, and take it!  

Love don't cost a thing...namaloveyou!