Drink this NOT that:

Just by rearranging your beverages you can cut unwanted pounds.  Say no to soda pop, it's loaded with sugar and meaningless calories, plus the carbonation boats your tummy!  Never drink soda before a fancy event or in a bikini if you want to maintain a flat stomach.

Replace fruit juice with vegetable juice and maybe even keep the fiber?  Orange juice rings in at around 120 calories per serving while a glass of tomato juice only 45ish calories.  Keep the pulp if you need more fiber in your diet.  Drinking a fresh glass of juice is much better than taking a supplement or vitamin.  Don't be a pill head!  Don't think because you are slamming 20 vitamins a day that you are healthy! WRONG!  You need to EAT healthy and EXERCISE...not just pop a bunch of pills!  It is not the same and in fact many people overdose when it comes to vitamins...if you eat your recommended daily servings, you shouldn't need more than a couple supplements unless otherwise recommended by your doctor.  I

I am not into these gimmicky shakes and mixes either.  Make your own natural shakes and smoothies with almonds, spices, vegetables and fruits.  You will sustain healthy weight much better by changing lifestyle instead of crash diets or infomercial shakes.  Fresh is always a good idea...the best idea.  Powder=NO-NO. Instead of spending money on some pyramid scheme, invest in a nice blender or juicer.  I love the hurom juicer (use it everyday) and the vitamix (use it everyday).

http://usa.hurom.com/             https://www.vitamix.com/

I said it once and I'll say it again, increase your water intake!  Add a glass of water between meals.  It helps you feel full and may have a very positive effect on your metabolism as well! H2O is always a good idea...

Ditch the ENERGY DRINKS...BADDDDDD IDEA...they are full of sugar, chemicals and have no health benefits whatsoever!  In fact many of them have reviews and research that shows they are very harmful...heart palps, burning sensations in limbs, insomnia, eighyighyigh...ENERGY drinks are a common void addicts use to fill another void but then suffer insomnia and have to drink themselves or takes pills to sleep!  BE careful!  They are addictive and risky! 

NOT HEALTHY...NO BUENO! Check out this article on FORBES about deaths if you don't believe me!


Need a caffeine boost?  Try a cup of JOE instead! A black coffee is a better choice than pop or 5 hour energy disaster. Black coffee is calorie-free & antioxidant rich. Drinking moderate amounts of coffee (about 3  cups a day) may improve mood and concentration, and may also lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and Alzheimer's.  Of course the studies are controversial and some studies persuade otherwise but I like coffee in moderation and I think a homemade cup of coffee beats some heart attack jitter shot in a tiny red bottle! 

Ok so the loaded question from traveling clientele is, "I am going on holiday and I want to indulge in cocktails"...I always try to limit beverages during my work week or sub-stain all together, because after all, I am a YOGA, Pilates, Barre, health enthuse and teaching with a hangover is just NOT POSSIBLE consistently...any practitioner knows this.  Plus I could never maintain my body after three kids and still rock a 4 pack...alcohol is packed with calories.  Save it for special occasions and limit alcohol to weekends when you can.  Everything in moderation, but have fun too, when appropriate...YOLO!

Beer wont help you shed pounds but a light beer contains around 100 calories opposed to a liquor drink with cream or soda that packs 700 plus calories...My favorite vacation treat is a skinny mojito...skip the syrup (or kindly ask your tender of bar to) use mint, fresh lime, and soda with a shot of rum. 

Honestly though...if you are trying to cut calories and lose weight...alcohol is the LAST thing you should be putting in your body.  I may sound like a buzz kill but if you are seeking a bikini bod, alcohol is not going to get you there.  When I was tossing baby weight (I gained 60+ with my first of three) I cut alcohol for months at a time...number one because I breast fed and number two because I would rather EAT!  Make smart choices.  Be mindful of your goals and if weight loss is importance, skip the cocktail and take a YOGA class to relax and unwind.  You will sleep better, feel better emotionally and if you stick with it, you start to SEE a beautiful Yoga sculpt start to take over your muscles! 

Cant get to the gym?  Try repeating simple VINYASA sequence 20 times to warm the body and increase the heart rate. 

Start in tadasana aka mountain pose.  Toes together heels slightly apart. lengthen the spine by gently tucking the tail and rolling the shoulders back to open the chest so the palms are almost behind hips. 

Sweep the hands high on a deep inhale and forward fold on an equally long exhale.  Half way life inhale...chaturanga dandasana/exhale...inhale to upward facing dog, exhale to downward facing dog. Step or hop through and repeat!