Slow down and be...

Ever just feel completely exhausted but didn't have a highly exerting kind of day?  You feel physically tired but maybe it's not your physical body at all that is aching for a break...Our emotions and mental banks get overloaded and subconsciously our bodies and the universe BEG us to slow down.  We turn and ignore until things start to shut down..."RED ALERT, YOGI! SLOW YOUR ROLL, HONEY CHILD!" 

Listen to your body always, honor it, nurture it, love it...BUT THEN make sure you are also listening to your heart and soul.  I put my kids in "time out" when I feel they are overstimulated or over-tired...much like us, kids start acting a little cray cray when they are exhausted and SPENT...WE DO TOO!  GIVE YOURSELF A LOVING BREAK!  Slow down, be with yourself.  Can you be?  Go inwards.  Reflect.  Look at you like YOU?  Do others really? Can you sit still with YOU?  Take away your many masks and SEE who you really are.  Embrace YOU and open up your truth.  When you hide behind negative emotions and lies, you sink deep.  Extract YOUR TRUTH and know you are whole no matter what.  Let go.  Give thanks. Cut your losses and look for new beginnings and sunshine.  Be kind...every time you are not, it bounces right back to you in a different form.  Watch your tongue...only whisper words of love or don't whisper at all.  EVERYTHING you do is being documented in the universes bank so make sure your checks will be fruitful and not overdrawn when deposited!  Accept karma from every angle so you can move onwards and upwards, always.  For every ounce of pain you rise through, the heart smile at the end is explosive. Be grateful for human blessings...I have small pack of angels who have literally lifted me up in ways I couldn't imagine or ever foresee and I am grateful eternally and know that I could not have accomplished much at all without their shoulders and wisdom.

Feeling loved, happy and peaceful with my little bombs...woke up to my six year old sweeping my hair from my face to plant a kiss on my forehead and my 4 year old giggling on the corner of my pillow...ALL IS RIGHT. Namaste to a blessed and yummy Saturday!  Take time to rest and reflect and then LOVE your life for all it's seams, cracks, and perfect imperfect!  Pour gold in the cracks and than gush over your masterpiece!

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