RESOLVE TO EVOLVE tonight at 5:30 pm at REFRESH SPA 4026 Secor Rd (next to Rockies:)

The only way to truly grow and evolve to let bygones be bygones and live in the present.  When you approach life with an open mind and open heart you can let go of past failures, embrace glorious change, and manifest your dreams into reality.  When you change they way you look at things, the things you look at change! (I heard that in a YOGA workshop in Cleveland once, I cant take credit for that line:))) It stuck with me though because its true! 

See how powerful you are when you see the truth, even when it hurts.  You can shed the layers with accepting and welcoming the lessons and feeling that come with the lessons in life.  There's beauty in every situation even when tragic.

At the end of the day there is A LOT in life we cannot control, right????? So...knowing that we have the power to control the way we think, act, take responsibility for our actions, etc.  Claim your life...YOLO!  Welcome the mystery and magic.  There are infinite possibilities all around you and anything you step into with love is powerful and obtainable.  Claim 2015...make it the best year yet!  I know I am going to!

Hope to see you on the mat tonight!  It's a family affair y'all...I will be leading you on an uplifting journey of mind, body, and breathe cultivating strength and your peace within.  We flow to mellow tunes under candlelight.  10 minute SAVASANA massage utilizing essential oils, aromatherapy and healing salves found only at REFRESH.  My brother, Dr. Rae, will be offering Dysport for $4/unit and Botox $11/unit after class and shopping the beauty studio is a MUST.  I'm ready to share all my favorite products with you and Julia will be doing consultations as well.  Don't miss out!  All levels welcome. Beginners encouraged!  You have to start somewhere! Peace, light, and savasana!


4026 Secor Rd