Comfort in Family

I got to giggle with my big brother last night...the past year hasn't always been giggles but there was a new lightness in the air...I taught a fun sweaty successful YOGA event while he piggy backed my clients with injections...quite a team of entrepreneurs, my dad always laughs.  

One thing we have always had in common is that we are both HUGE dreamers and MEGA doers...we complete thoughts...we don't just talk about it. I love that about US. I love that about him because he taught me that among so many other important awesome things. 

Sean (Dr.Rae) taught me to laugh at myself. He taught me to dream crazy huge & think abstractly. He taught me to network. He taught me to be kind and humble like our parents...they are always helping everyone...and they actually do it not just talk about. One time my dad lent a struggling friend and ungodly amount of money because he was "at rock bottom"...everyone told my dad he'd never get it back but he didn't care...he said, "he really needed it. He needed someone to be there, Kimi". 

Life is short as we know. Connect with those who you love and bring you comfort and unconditional support with a look in their eyes. Laugh with your with them too! (not your in laws...your FAMILY)  

FAMILY will never burst your bubble...they'll blow it up and make it float higher. 

love you, Seany. My heart is so big for you. Namaste, bro;)