Fitness FAUX PAS:

1. An unexperienced, perhaps not even certified instructor, with ACE or PMA, might say something like, "lets focus on butt or thighs and trim the fat off with THIS exercise"...NOT HAPPENING can strengthen and sculpt muscles in certain areas by focusing the movement in a particular area...but you can not pick and choose where to burn fat

A great BALANCE way to sculpting a certain andddd shedding LBS. would be an exercise like running where you actually burn fat ALL OVER YOUR BODY.  Weight training or cross-fit is a weight buster  the end of the day, EATING right is your key that is going to unlock your unwanted pounds, ladies and gents. Keep your veggies close!

Weight Watchers is always a good idea.  It's safe and user friendly. As Bruno Mars says, "If you don't believe me, just watch!"  I lost all my baby weight (3 kiddos in tow) with WW and Power Yoga!  Take it from someone who has had 3 kids and went through the struggle...sometimes the 25 year old college freshie instructor or the chick with the unusually hyper skinny body without any kids... isn't the person you want to be taking health advice from!

Find someone who you relate to and make a meaningful connection with, someone who is REAL and you can identify with...someone who inspires you.  Inspiration and support is EVERYTHING when you are migrating through a lifestyle health transition.  It's ok to be picky, especially when it comes to your health!  Feel back to my recipes page where you'll find a plethora of FREE juice, smoothie, and mindful meal recipes!

2. The heavier the weight, the more your burn or don't have to lift SUPER heavy weights to tone, lift, burn cals, and fact, more reps of lighter weights is always a good idea! Yes, we women have less testosterone, so we will not necessarily "bulk up" but every body is different and metabolizes differently...stay on the safe side and do more with less weight!  LESS IS MORE Y'ALL!  I love a solid sesh of 2-4lb weights to sleigh the arms...pretty burn and worth the sweat...ballerina arms are always sexy! "Check please!"  No more high-Helens!  You can totally do this at home too!  I told a friend in the Golden State., over Facetime Friday, while I was "Face-training" her, that she could even use soup cans if she didn't have free creative!  You should of seen us...sight for sore smiling eyes! heehehehe  Buy dumbbells here!?

3.  You need an hour of exercise to actually make a difference...NOT TRUE! Do what you can when you can, y'all!  We are all doing the best we can!  We all get stress in different forms and capacities that make selfie-time very challenging so if you have 10 minute increments or can relish a 30 minute ab blast or even a 20 minute vinyasa flow to ease your nerves and calm your mind...take it, baby. Take it!  Moderate exercise is better than none at all!  Any ways you can increase daily activities are good ideas!  I channel my victorious Yoga breath all of the time for BODY AND MIND!  I try to contract my abs when I exhale as much as possible!  I do it in the car.  I do it in the shower.  I do it in the phone.  I do it standing on my head meditating and channeling peace.  JUST Breathe.  You don't need intense high impact fitness all of the time...take it from me...I practice YOGA pretty exclusively and I am pretty proud of my body after 3 baby birds in my flock.  I work for it though.  I take pride in my body and I feel better when I practice YOGA and eat right. period...Do you love me, question mark?  I love that song! 

4. Doing obsessive amounts of crunches will give you a 6 pack...hahahaha this is laughable...NO!  Not even close!  First of all most people do crunches incorrectly so they are not an effective exercise if you are just nodding your head and elbows up and need cardio to burn yes you can develop strong abdominals, but AGAIN if you are not eating mindfully and not getting enough daily activity/not burning calories to supplement what your caloric intake is then...non non non. PILATES is great for the core and great cardiovascular exercise...PILATES is always a good idea similar to how I feel about number one cowboy!  If you ever want to see any type of pack, you'd best start from the inside are what you eat and who you spend your time with....oh and

knowwwwww can stay in the game, but change your team, y'all!

Na-ma-go-hit-this-one-out-of-the-park...get your mit ready or stay out of my lineup...I am practicing peace, love, and moving forward, period...if you are throwing anything else, I strongly urge you to "check yourself" because karma never misses a pitch and I am seeing lots of angels in MY outfield...

Spread love.


 Spread olive oil instead of butter, too.  Spread coconut oil on your lips for sweet smooches!

Drop to plank and hold for 30 breaths. Deviate between high plank and low plank (forearm plank) one hand at a time, "abs in and up", like I alwayssssss say!  As you exhale contract the abdominals nice and tight! 

Another great simple ab challenge that is pretty tough to screw up is LEG LIFTS.  Stand in tadasana aka, mountain pose. Lift your right leg and firmly flex the right foot and lift in reps of 8...lift from your center, from your core. Repeat on left side. 

Legs up a wall with flexed feet and then hands behind head and slowly isolate abs by lifting and lowering head & neck 3 reps of (8).  Concentrate on isolating the upper portion of abdominals.

Practice YOGA.  Practice letting go.  Practice living now.  Be peace.  Be love.

STOP everything else, it only ricochet's right back at you even harder when you act out of hate...if you don't believe me, just watch...  (plank to this...BABY!)