Keeping your spirit "fit"

I'm a huge Marianne Williamson follower, reader, lover. I love her webinars and book, "A Return to Love", is one of my cherished reads. I read this article today about exercise of the spirit, not just our physical body and was delightfully compelled to share the magic with you. I read it twice and then I stood on my head for 35 breaths asking God and the universe, "what is it today that you want me to do? What can I do tiday to positively impact my tomorrow and the tomorrow of the others I love? Guide me...teach me...drench me in love and peace. Take me away from pain, suffering, senses drama and toxicity. Pull me towards your light and I will see whatever it is I need to see. I know I was stripped of a lot so you could give me more, better, authentic, real, meaningful work and ways that I can be of service to others."  

You don't have to be on your head to pray or meditate. Simply sit in a comfortable seated position or take child's pose or even a wide leg forward to the universe...ask questions, receive answers, guidance, and power. Just BE. Breathe. Live. Love. Empty out to fill back up with even bigger and better things. Let the universe lead you. Be patient. The truth will surface at the perfect time.