Charcoal Detoxification

Detox-lovers are stopping at nothing to broaden their cleanse spectrums...thought you've heard of it all? Nope y'all, the new detox trending largely all over the map is, drumroll please..........CHARCOAL! 

Wanna eliminate toxins that sap your health and wellness? Charcoal can aid in this and I'm already drinking the koolaid...charcoal coconut koolaid, that is!  From powders to pills, you can cost efficiently filter some activated charcoal into your daily regimen. I got mine on 

For thousands of years, healers of Ayuredic and Chinese medicine have used and believed in Charcoal. Why? Well it's simple, charcoal isn't absorbed it's adsorbed so it clings to toxins and chemicals in your body and keeps on's a toxin magnet! Pesticides from non organic produce, dioxins in fish, neurotoxins and MORE! 

Ditch the green juice?! NEVER! Supplement your diet and regimen with charcoal? Ask your Doctor if it's right for you, but this YOGAL says, charc please!" Santa, bring it on!