Make peace with your 2 piece...

Swimsuit season is creeping up whether y'all like it or not...doesn't mean you should starve yourself or crash diet to be at peace with what you're rockin poolside or, better yet, Oceanside.   

Everything in moderation is a pretty good basic manifesto with a mindful healthful FOCUS. I eat as many veggies as I can but I don't skip a burger if my body is begging for one...I don't eat a ton of red meat but I also don't ban it or hate on grass fed beef is actually healthful for several reasons. 

Here are some simple quickies to much on instead of indulgences that might sabotage your abs, thighs, and bootay in your cheeky bottoms...

craving sweets?  230ish calories 

try a 1/2 handful of chocolate chips

unsweetened coconut  

frozen banana

craving salt?  200ish calories

sundried tomatoes

whole wheat crackers


wanna chew?  250ish calories 



dried apricots

like it hot? (I do!)  240ish calories

popcorn w/curry or cayene

pistachios w/white pepper

*curb your appetite, not your intake! 

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