The Power of Mala...prayer

My right wrist is a reminder of my spirituality 24-7.  On my right wrist, I wear mala beads, not because they are hippy-chic or the latest hip accessory, but because, in times of doubt, I look to them and breathe in the positivity and constancy of my faith...not only my Catholic roots, but my self-discovered and developed yogic practice and divine philosophy.  Over the past year, this divinity has radiated through my physical body and shined through providing me with strength, forgiveness to myself and others, and is teaching me how to nurture my self-love and unconditional love for so many others in my life.  The mala-beads on me symbolize the truth in my heart and vibrance in my soul.

If I cannot practice yoga, I meditate and pray or invert by standing on my head for 30-40 breaths.  Connecting my breathe with every movement in my physical Yoga practice is very similar to connecting my breathe with my mantra, "I am love", as I roll my fingers from bead to bead slowly inhaling and exhaling...

I wear two rose quartz mala bracelets symbolizing unconditional LOVE and infinite peace.  It is the most important crystal in healing the heart and fosters the true essence of love through the heart chakra.  Rose quartz is said to purify and open the heart at all levels, bringing deepest inner peace and self-love.  My best friend from childhood has my third rose quartz bracelet because on my last Yoga retreat I led, in Tulum, heart was telling me she needed it as she inquired about my beads as tears rolled down her cheeks after an emotional practice.  I feel bonded to her through our beads we share that once were worn on my arm as a trio for 6 months, now still push energy and everlasting bond between us.

I wear a 108 bead wooden string that stacks my upper wrist.  There holds 108 beads.  1 for me being the individual. 0 representing nothingness.  8 symbolizing infinity.  I inherited these from my favorite Yoga studio, new mecca after losing the studio I created, opened, and ran for 3 years..These beads symbolize what my dad and husband said from the beginning, "it's just a building, you are the business"...these words mean much more to me and motivate me on a daily basis that I hold everything I need within...and no one can stop my swagger.  I am driven and have always worked hard to produce results and manifest my dreams.  No bitter person or amount of money could ever stop what I am capable of as a person, yoga instructor, or business mind.  These are my happy Buddha beads and the tie at the end symbolizes the divine guru.  The guru bead is not counted.  When I use these beads, it's usually at the beginning and end of yoga practice or before I go to bed.  I simply sit comfortably in lotus and I bring my attention inwards.  I count through the 108 beads 1 by 1, inhaling and exhaling deeply reciting a mantra or just rhythm-ing to the sound of my victorious breath.  Purchase some like mine at Yogaja Yoga in cricket west...the BEST YOGA in Toledo, y'all!


I wear a thin gold-chain underneath my beads with an uncultured pearl that I bought symbolizing "one in a million" and diving deep for what I want.  This only peeks every so often but reminds me of my destiny and never to settle for less than I deserve, which has a been a tough feat over the last few years. 

My closest bracelet to my elbow is from my mother, my angel, my greatest friend, the worlds best person and mom (my ex-husband used to say it frequently and many of my friends), she is kind to everyone and scoops in to help and offer love upon everyone that crosses her path.  Heart is big & pure and softness and sincerity is transparent.  The bracelet is leather with a tarnished silver platelet stating "I have called you by name, you are mine".  To her it symbolizes GOD, to symbolizes HER.  She's always with me and so is GOD.

My other colored beauties are recent gifts from a supporting wonderful friend that I cherish too and feel grateful when I look at them because they symbolize all the love and support that has sheltered me by so many during a brief storm. 

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