Mother-Son Glow Dance!

It ain't easy getting 5 boys to look at the camera...loving how this pic truly captured our evening❤️ 


Two generations of besties, y'all! If I told you dinner was a quite intimate setting, I'd be fibbing...there were 5 vivacious little boys exploding with laughter, inappropriate bodily noises "in the corner", and mayhem, but I vividly recall the "a ha" moment when the 4 of us moms/great friends looked up at each other with genuine heart felt smiles. Our eyes connected and shared that universal unconditional love for our precious WILD childs! There was a brief moment of silence like a pause in a movie...and then we were back to the silliness.  

So impressed with my sons new school and, more importantly, our community. The love and support we have welcomed and received in the last two weeks is uncanning and for that I am so grateful and know WE are exactly where we are meant to be.  

Namaste my beautiful little village. I ❤️you already and we just met! 😘