DIY Yoga Pants

How to recycle washed-out-worn faded yoga pants!!!!  

I took a pair of my favorite Lululemon navy blue mesh and luon yoga-running leggings and transformed them into hip chic bleach tie dyed master-piece leggings! Yay!

I love creating, re-creating, crafting and FASHION so to save some pennies but recycle great fitting pants that were damaged by a stain, I loved them up with some household bleach... 

heres how y'all: 

1. grab your old yoga pants...dampen with cold water, ring out

2. Twist up tight with your hands and secure random rubber bands 5-6 tightly clenching round bunches of the fabric... 

3. Pour some suga...I mean, BLEACH on your twisted pants in your laundry room sink...let the bleach sit and settle in for 2-3 hours... 

4. Wash and ronse

5. Run through washer on delicate cycle

6. Dry...and're styled and ready to flow, y'all! 

great project for tween girls or yoga kids! Message me if you need help! 


Recycle and re-do, re-use

Recycle and re-do, re-use