The only way to find light in darkness is to GLOW. We all go through periods of unwanted or even unexpected change. We make promises we can no longer keep or people make promises to us they don't keep...and that's life. Learning how to manage the shade and find the deeper reasons for significant life changes is vital. Accepting "what is", seeking peace and digging up ways to be grateful for change is what it's all about.  

Breaking out of old patterns and ways of "reacting" are game changers when exploring and discovering how to GLOW through change. 

YOGA helps me extract my peace and find my glow every single day. Yoga is proven to lessen stress, dampen heart ache, release toxins and negativity, boost self esteem, increase patience, and overall, I belief with every cell in my body, that it makes me's not called "warrior one" for no reason, y'all!  

Find your inner-peaceful-warrior and start to GLOW.


*Happy "High FIVE" to my sweet blonde bombshell, Bobby! You glow everyday and you make me glow too, little sunshine! 


May the light be with you! Darth says, "just breathe"