Ain't nothin like the real thing, baby

Herbal "supplements" in your regimen? What's really in there anyways???? A new report suggests majority of "herbal supplements" don't actually contain what they claim! Some may not even contain ANY herbs at all! Companies are filling you with dazzle marketing when in fact the products have fillers such as rice, asparagus, wheat, and nuts...even if your eating a gluten free diet, if you're popping supplements, chances are you're not as FREE as you may think, so take caution and stick with REAL and natural healthy fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  

Juicing and detox shots are a great way to supplement your diet and regimen instead of manufactured pills. 

The atty general (yes I have a slang term for lawyers now that I am so familiar with them🙊) agh well, I'm still is Good karma, so "honey, I'm good" (my boys fave tune;)...tangent...anyways...the atty general is investigating this herbal facade in over 14 states right now because they believe multi-vitamins and herbal supplements may contain greater risk for contamination!  

What you can do to be proactive: 

-juice instead! Skip the pills!


*check your labels for USP, NSF, or CL...this indicates independent analysis (voluntary)