The Doctors National Promo..."This is your body"


The universe sometimes breaks us down to uncover what we are really meant to do or be.  From pain comes have to feel the emotions, deal with how they feel and slice and sting...people will let you down & kick you when you're down, BUT GREATER people will lift you up & elevate you to your best maximum potential.  When you start loving yourself more, you attract what you think you deserve.  Some people stay in unhappy situations because they think "higher love" doesn't exist...but it does.  Higher Love is all around is you grab it, give it and receive it...

My 6 year old patted me on the pack tonight during our family movie (The Seventh Dwarf) in my bed.  I was whimpering at the end when the romance set in and "he broke the spell" cliche, I know...I'm that cheesy yogi-mom who cries at cartoon love stories! Oh anyhow, I quickly looked to make sure the kids didn't think my tears were "sad tears" and Oscar caught my concern right away and said, "mom are you're crying because you are so happy for her, aren't you?!"  Then I started laughing and felt even more happy tears because his little heart GETS MINE...he knows me.  He knows my heart.  He knows my soul.  I know his too.  

His magic little eyes smiled at me and we shot love back and forth and hugged.  He started inquiring about the difference between happy and sad tears and it actually created a great mindful conversation...he is so intelligent and so sensitive and compassionate.  I explained to him, that the bigger your heart is, the more you FEEL.  The more passionate you are, the more at risk you are for getting hurt sometimes, BUT that the greatest love of all lies within passion.  Whether it's your job, your house, your kids, or even your meals you prepare, when you DO YOUR BEST and do it WITH LOVE, you can tell.  When you water your grass, it grows...when you don't...well, we all know what happens then.  When you shove the dust under the rug, a pile builds and eventually the pile is exposed and the floor is just plain filthy.  It's never too late to clean and start with a fresh surface.  Do your work.  Do your work with heart, love, and passion.  Today your work might be drastically different than tomorrows work but learn to trust the universe, the process and what it holds for YOU....your vibe attracts your tribe, they say...listen to that vibration, do you like what your hear?  If not, carry a new tune...find your harmony.  If you fall get back up.  If your heart breaks, open it back up so bigger better fuller LOVE can fill it back up.  Anything is possible.  Take it from me, your entire life can change in 24 hours...embrace change and make it breathtaking!  Oh yea...and practice YOGA.  It does every-BODY good, just ask THE DOCTORS! Namaste, especially to, Debbie Haderle. I am so glad I met you on that snowy mountain that almost contained me! Is it February yet?

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