Soften up

I tell my yoga students to soften their facial muscles, soften their jaw, relax their neck and shoulders, soften their gaze, etcetera... 

Taking a step back from temptous reactionary moments and "softening" in general by breath and mind control, life becomes a bit "softer".   

Softening up in general...not clenching so tightly can create ease and when we step away from habit and trying to force things that aren't in our destiny, the shape or unexpected sculpture our life molds can be a most pleasant surprise or perhaps even karmic reward.  

I was inspired and deeply touched when watching a few of Marianne Williamsons videos on karma, prayer, relationships, etc...praying for those who hurt us...miraculous transformations can occur and the universe generates karmic rewards when we send peace and love onto others even when they aren't returning it back.  Be a softy. Pray for peace. Send the haters love❤️🙏🏻

Love MW. Had to share: 

Heheeheh right on Campbells  

Heheeheh right on Campbells