Keep it tight & light, yall!

Not being able to plan my future has been one of my greatest feats but my life unraveling into its organic natural beautiful masterpiece is a work in progress. Every day I'm listening to the universe, feeling the energy and seeing for the first time who people really are and how they are showing up (for me), in my life, in their lives, etc. 

With my new perspective on life I judge others less and accept more. I support and hug more. I let go more when I need to...I know karma doesn't stop and the lessons it brings are magical gifts even though some of the greatest gifts start with pain or maybe dissapointment...the most unexpected things are the most authentic and GREAT. 

trust the universe. 

believe when people show you who they are. 

don't let critics and naysayers occupy your mind unless your praying for them.




Ice Ice Baby...  #makenewfriendskeepSOMEoftheold

Ice Ice Baby...