Remembering the good

Remember the good and reflect fondly...nurture positive loving memories, but consciously learn to Let Go of things you do not reflect fondly upon...Let Go of the past...when you Let Go, you create space for more goodness and positivity to seep in...honor yourself by moving forward and be grateful for a fresh start...another chance! Yay!  

Reduce clutter in your life by witnessing relationships and how they make you feel. If you feel exhausted after being with someone, your journey with them may need a gentle farewell or a hiatus. Love yourself enough to step away from energy that's not motivating and recharging. Surround yourself with doers & dreamers. Let Go of the talkers, procrastinators, & somedays...if they'll procrastinate their own needs they'll procrastinate yours too...your favorite day should be TODAY not tomorrow. Reduce clutter in your home. Practice non-attachment. Get rid of things you don't need. Make your spaces clean and beautiful. Reduce your crap...physically and mentally...create Goals but Let Go of mistakes...everyone's got Em...I promise! 

Live according to your means. Learn to spend no more than you take in and be content with that. Create experiences with creativity and people not things. 

Make time for exercise and release. Start your morning with a grateful smile and put 100 percent into whatever you wake up doing whether it's hugging your kids, meditating or preparing a delicious healthy mindful meal made with love. 

lets crush 2016...come all ye peaceful warriors and spread goodness. Be kinder. Gossip less. Give more. Slow down. Let go & Let God. 

I tonight at 7:30pm, Wednesday 9am Yogaja

or OHES community room Monday & Thursday 9am