Balasana is sanskrit for Childs Pose.  Childs Pose is typically in the beginning of most Western Yoga Classes.  It is a great way to effectively open the hips and stretch the tops of the feet and ankles.  It is considering a resting pose and helps to alleviate stress and monkey mind.   Childs pose helps manifest peace and calmness in the body, brain, and nervous system.  

The feet are together and knees just inside the mat. The torso rests on the thighs while the palms stretch long gently pressing into the mat.  The goal is to deepen the breath because when the breathe is controlled the mind is calm.  Childs Pose can be exercised anywhere from 5-20 breathes.

When I think of Balasana, I think of the points in life we get to when we just need to pause...take a step back from reactivity and just BE.  Sometimes just being still and calm helps us formulate the best sequence or plan moving forward to the next pose or phase in life.  

Last night I yearned to go inwards so I practiced gentle Yoga early evening after already teaching that morning. I felt great afterwards and knew I had made the right choice to slow down and be a witness.  I needed me-time, I needed stillness, silence, space, and light.  I didn't want to listen to others problems, dramas, distractions, I have my own and didn't want to think about those either.  I wanted a meditative evening and it was to say the least.  I drank coconut black tea and enjoyed local Thai myself.  It was lovely.  I brought my laptop.  I wrote, indulged in pad thai, coconut ice cream and healthy steamed vegetables and shutes.  

My heart was calm.  I missed the giggles and chatter of my children but I appreciated the silence too.  

Honor your body.

 Listen to your soul.  

Fill your needs even if your needs are just childs pose...just taking a break, a breathe, a moment of silence.  

Peace out.