This ain't no disco, this ain't no Country Club either...this is L.A.

The new moon raised my intuition ten fold…it raised my frequency, my empowerment and more and I am soaking in gratitude from the cues coming in from the universe this past week.  For a brief period I felt weak and confused and now I feel recharged, refocused, centered, and ready to RECEIVE…so often I give too much until I am completely depleted but now is the time to CREATE space for the many gifts and people that bring me JOY and ADD to my LIFE…

I made the kids a lovely breakfast after we all piled into Oscars bed giggling,tickling, smooching and wrestling…I felt energized by their genuine innocent pure LOVE and my adoration seeped out of my pores as I gushed over each one of them this morning before their (and my departure)…I give when they leave me but my LOVE grows and carries them even when we are apart.  My little leaped wanting to stay with me and my oldest looked at me with eyes of a sad pup but I reassured them all we would chat everyday and virtually hug…Reassuring them intrinsically reassures me…and I have no choice but to let go because THIS IS WHAT IS, y’all and BY GOD I am so grateful Im here as opposed to the dysfunction I was in 3 years ago…yeas I still had my family unit…but the foundation was eroding just like that infamous family name.

After dropping my little bomb at school, we embraced…he’d walk away (2 steps) and then run back into my arms for “one more”…I indulged and my heart smiled bigger every time he came back knocking me off my feet for contagious laughter and the best hugs EVER….I obnoxiously kissed his entire face and plopped back into the car…and then THIS…

California…by U2 starting BLASTING on my auxiliary in my car…I didn’t prompt the music…my bones got an exciting chill and my heart fluttered because the lyrics made my soul dance and reassured me I was on the path to where I am supposed to be…the song grounded me…I laughed, smiled and sang along, threw a kiss to my peace fingers up to the big guy and rushed home to get my house secured before travel.  As if the universe hadn’t given me enough cookies…she threw in one more serendipitous ditty to lighten my path…PATIENCE by Guns N’ Roses…I used to hear the whistling for months last summer in my dreams and now it's back.  YESSSSSSSS my mind screamed…it’s good to be alive…Namaste…lets GO!



And now, hours later after enjoying every minute of the travel experience…the delta guys kept asking me why I was so happy (they were flirting but I'll take it lol)  I smiled my way through the gates…I felt like I could’ve been skipping but if you ever traveled with me, you know I like to travel in style so naturally my nude patent leather pumps weren’t skipping material…My heart skipped though…had a coffee, finalize my Costa Rican annual retreat with my soul sista, organized my itinerary for my trip with my best gal & surrogate big sis (technically smaller but wiser lol), Dr.B aka Jennifer, and the rest will be history now as I am 30002 feet, the tail winds are 61 mph with a ground speed of 494 mph, and I have 1734 mi left until my final destination…which ain’t no disco, ain’t no country club either, it’s (almost) LA…my jam.  My Zen...My Jen.  My happy place. 

 Landed at bones sparkled as soon as my feet hit the to Bermans Womens Health Center circa 3pm...hugged, laughed, and got to business...came home by 5pm Pacific, showered up and there was a lovely producer waiting to take us to OCEANX in the new Guthy Renker headquarters...


OCEANX Tech week soiree was last inspiring chatting and brainstorming with the industries leading professionals in health & beauty.  God is good.  Spread the love.

Sending love and light from the super-moon…Onwards and upwards. Good luck & Goodbye to yesterday…I never felt so excited or inspired. Overflowing with gratitude, I hope your Holiday is light & tight.