Loretta Jones ❤️

I sat on the plane a little teary at LAX & anxious to see my boys after my first Thanksgiving with out my kids...sigh:( #thisis35 #imhuman #perefctlyimperfectthankgod

A beautiful much wiser woman sat next to me...she had switched seats be cause her original assigned seat didn't have a window and God graciously placed her next to me.

Little did I know (as usual), this woman would become the light of my flight. We shared stories, memories, pain, grief and offered each other hand squeezes and compassion as our eyes took turns watering. 

We talked about faith, family, joy and more.  Her journey much longer and perhaps her loss was much greater.  You see, Loretta had lost the love of her life...a man who adored, appreciated and took care of her...she described him as her reason for living and happiness in general...love seeped out her pores as she shared her beautiful life with me and it gave me hope because I know the best is yet to come...and I know I was meant to meet sweet Loretta.  Her beautiful soul shined and she was stunning to look at too...was easy to illustrate her thoughts and her softness made me feel safe and "where I was supposed to be"...her energy enveloped me in care and goodness.

Loretta was sign and reinforcement of hope for me.  I gave Loretta my card and we established that we would keep and touch and both got sentimental as we parted.  Loretta was en route to relocate to Pennsylvania where she'd live near her son, daughter in law and grandkids she adored. (lucky daughter in law...Loretta is a dream)  

Loretta had just sold her home of 40 plus years with her late husband...we were both grieving and turning new pages simultaneously healing on that plane.

As I hugged Loretta on the sky walk, she got into her chair and we parted ways...but she made an imprint on my heart forever.  Thank you, Loretta.  I promise to pray for you like I promised and I'm grateful and a better woman to have met you.  

Find the gifts in every situation. Listen to the people you meet.  Receive the messages & love from the universe.  The universe wants to deliver if you let it.  

To Loretta with love and to all a goodnight. BE like Loretta.  I want to be.