The ART of giving...thank you SUSAN WOODS!

The ART of giving is simple, giving we GIVING, we truly, GET.

Every day until Christmas, dedicate one thing a day you GIVE away freely without expecting anything in return...

Give a smile, a hug, compassion, a compliment...send gifts...little tokens of love to strangers and  friends, alike.  

Giving feels so good.  Karma is a continuous circle, breath of life, pick up a tab for someone in need.  Do it anonymously, unattached from getting anything is return expect the warmth in your heart knowing you contributed positively somehow to someone.

Thank you, SUSAN WOODS, of the ginormous box of luxurious beauty products I will be taking downtown Toledo to local charities & shelters.  I smiled huge thinking of all the FACES that will be touched by this generous donation.  You are proof that the world is full of goodness and light.  You have always inspired me and now you have touched my heart.  Big hugs to you in NYC sending the art of giving to Toledo, Ohio.