Looking for love in all the right places...

When we go inward, we find true love.

 Pure authentic love cannot be found outside thy-self.  

The greatest-most-important affection is the affection you give yourself.  Ask Whitney...she knew it too...the better we treat ourselves, the better we can take care of others...when I practice Yoga and meditation & meet my personal mind & body needs and cravings, I feel complete to mother my kids wholly...I truly enjoy and cherish every moment...yes, I get frustrated like everyone else, theres still tantrums and questionable behavior...I have 3 boys, lets be REAL y'all...anyone that claims it's easy or near perfect has some serious self discovery to do or some serious authenticity work.  When my mental cup is emptied, space is created for more laughter, spontaneity, gratefulness and love for others.

Cant get to yoga?  Thats ok...

Try creating a sacred space...maybe that entails "cleaning your room" or just "getting organized"...shedding clutter and creating a space you feel safe and think is lovely.  Maybe its a scared "corner" if you cannot dedicate an entire room.  Create a corner of beauty with things that make you feel grounded, grateful, and bring in happy positive memory for you.  I have a himalayan salt candle, buddha, mala beads of many colors, beautiful inspiring books and photography of my kids (I took from my iPhone and self printed on watercolor paper).  

Setting aside just 5-30 minutes per day can significantly impact your SELF...you have a much better chance at achieving your best self when you take time to breathe, empty negativity, stress, unwanted pings or vibes from others, and let go of external things you cannot control.  Slowing the breath calms the mind.  Calming the mind can change your life and will most certainly open your heart and give you confidence to follow your dreams & bypass meaningless obstacles.  Just like in balance poses in YOGA, you need to enter with poise and confidence & let go of FEAR.  So what, if you fall...we all do.  Get back up and try again.  Practice makes practice...but when you deepen your practice, the greatest love of all can be sought & shared.

Manifest greatness always.  Take care of yourself so you can take care of others...your body pays it forward, I promise!

Peace & Love.

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