Cleaning house...body & soul

I have been seeing a wonderful Chinese Medical Doctor who's inspired me to eat cleaner. I haven't had red meat, dairy, gluten, coffee, alcohol, etc. and it's not hard because I feel good inside & out. 

I've made my eating part of my spiritual transition and I take it seriously and hold it sacred. I've been doing my best to stay disciplined and it's been so rewarding.

I was sitting with Janet Amid a couple months back and she sighed as she looked at my chart and how long I'd be "cleaning house"...she said I would be cleaning house on my life...what an understatement...or is it? 

Well, she's right...I cleaned for sure and now I'm cleaning internally, not just spiritually, but with healing cuisine and my guru, Dr.Lu.  

Accupuncture, cupping, clean eating & my own hand crafted turmeric health tonics & ginger lemon concoctions...loving living like this... 

No bad influences or manipulators...just me and my good influences, (my boys...& my strong passionate Yoga practice).

Me, my boys, yoga & prayer...that's all folks...all I need.  

Some of my favorite healthy go-to's in case you're feeling intrigued or slightly inspired are: 

*Matcha latte.  (I'm allowed caffeine) the caffeine from matcha is purer and said to be healthier than the chemical from coffee beans. 

1 tbs. umatcha powder  

16 oz soy milk or unsweetened coconut milk

1 tsp RAW honey

*Brussel Sprouts

sauteed lightly in coconut oil with Himalayan pink sea salt

*Turmeric Tea

1 lemon fresh pressed  

turmeric root pressed or tsp powder

16 oz. smart water  

*Grapefruit Rosemary dirty water

1-2 grapefruits slow pressed

rosemary sprigs

10 oz smart water

pinch of Himalayan pink sea salt



"Do not look back, that's not where you're going" 

-GESU church