"Cause yesterday's got nothin' for me
Old pictures that I'll always see
Some things could be better
If we'd all just let them be" -Guns N' Roses

Yesterdays got nothin' for me...or you either.  

When we live in the past, we lose the NOW.  

We cannot live in our past whether its great or shitty or we lose NOW...the present moment.  We can't vicariously live through anyone else or past successes or mistakes.  We need to treat each moment, each opportunity as a sacred chance to make magic and create happiness and positive impact.  A broken record gets old and receptive and then it loses it's harmony because you're sick of it, same with LIFE and people.  If you keep talking about the same shit, whether its gossip or even a story, no one wants to hear EITHER over and over or at all if they are spiritually aligned.  When someone is happy they don't want to talk negatively about others, they want to heal and nurture maybe but not fuel the fire.  Do not mistake "happy" people for masked versions of them selves and sometimes others. 

Happy people focus on gratitude and LOVE.  LOVE doesn't bring you pain and manipulation.  LOVE brings truth, faith, support and makes you want to be a better being.  

Happiness increases with gratitude.  Gratitude increases with mindfulness to yourself and others.  Every move and word you utter has a consequence in some way, shape, or form, so MAN UP and BE the BEST version of yourself you can be.

Live in the moment(s).  Smell the air.  Really taste your food.  Listen to nature and the beauty of sound.  Feel the meditation in music...the vibrations are organically a moving meditation for your flesh.  Appreciate every touch you feel whether it's the wind on your skin or a child's palm on your face. See the colors the universe generously & unconditionally provides by slowing down and leaving your phone inside while your gently drift your eyes.  Just BE here NOW.  Wherever you are, be all there.  

Yesterdays got nothin on NOW. 

Namaste Yesterday. Namabeherenow.